Give your Bachelorette Party guests a Bachelorette party favor or Bachelorette party favors they will talk about always. Pecker Shot Glass, Penis Lipstick, Pecker Whistle to name a few…..

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Pecker Magnet Male Doodle Pad Dicky Bath Salt Favor Bachelorette Party Whip- 6 feet
Peni Bubbles Party Favor
Blow Baby Blow - that is these bubbles we mean... You can blow some bubbles out of this fun penis shaped bottle to your hearts content. Come with a strap to wear your bottle around your neck.  Make a great Bachelorette  Party favor
Male Doodle Pad
Another cool Bachelorette game for your party - Lets see who can fill in the blank and what size is the filled in blank. 20 sheets in the pad can go along way. Also great as Bachelorette party favor.

Dicky Bath Salt Favor
This 3 pc dicky bath salt will make a great favor that your guest can use to place in their bath long after your Bachelorette party.
Leather Whip- 6 feet
This 6 foot braided leather bull whip make a great Bachelorette party prize or to put in your Perfect for the Bachelorette Loot Bag or to put in the Piñata.
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PECKER PACIFIER Pecker Magnet Blow your Penis Horn Noise maker with a penis on it

Pecker Pacifier
Perfect for the Bachelorette Loot Bag or to put in the Pecker Piñatas for party favors.

Pecker Refrigerator Magnet Party Favor
Stick this little "pecker" on your fridge. You'll never forget your messages under this magnet!. Make a great Bachelorette Party favor

Blow your Pecker Horn
Blow your Pecker Party Noise Maker.

Pecker Party Noise Maker
Whistle Lipstick in the shape of a penis Pecker Party Necklace Mini pecker soap
Pecker Party Whistle
Your at the Bachelorette Party and you have been given a "Pecker  Party Whistle" as a party favor... Blow on your pecker ladies !!!. Don't be shy - It's alright - No one will look at you funny!! 1 pc per pack.

Lipstick Penis Party Favor
Useable lipstick shaped as a penis ...pecker.  Perfect party favor for the Bachelorette Loot Bag.

Pecker Party Lei Necklace
Plastic Hawaiian lei with plastic penises through it. If the Bachelorette has to wear a pecker  at her party - why not her guest.

Mini Pecker Soap Party Favor
A mini soap shaped like a pecker. Soap me - Lather me good!! Make sure you have them at your Bachelorette Party for your girl's party favors.
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Pecker shaped shot glasses Giant Pecker Prize Approx 16" Bachelorette Party Pecker Prize Award ribbon Bachelorette Party Loot Bag

Pecker Shot Glasses
Pecker shaped shot glasses. Makes the perfect favor for your Bachelorette Loot Bag.

Bachelorette Party Giant Pecker Prize
She has won the Glow In The Dark Dong Toss Game - so she needs a Dong size prize.  Well our Giant Pecker Prize is perfect.    Approx 16"
Bachelorette Party Pecker Prize Award Ribbon
You won a Bachelorette Party Game and you have received the Bachelorette Party Prize Award Ribbon with a pecker and balls on it. Not the same as the Bachelorette Party Giant Pecker Prize, but you have been rewarded just the same.
Bachelorette Party Loot Bag
To hold all of the naughty Bachelorette party favors for your guests, you must have some Bachelorette party loot bags. 8 pc
$3.20 each
PENIS PENCIL TOPS Trustex Condom 3 pack Noise maker with a penis on it WILD and CRAZY TICKLERS 1 & 3 PC
Penis Pencil Tops Party  Favor
Penis Pencil Tops - for those who like to stick peckers  in our mouth in public.  A great  Bachelorette Party party favors. Comes in three (3) different colors and a dozen to a bag

Trustex Condom Party Favors
The Trustex condoms, are the only multi-flavored condoms in the U.S. that are FDA. approved meaning " Safe for Sex " as opposed to all others that are for novelty use only. They are available in six exciting flavors.  A Bachelorette party favor that your guest can use later. 3 condoms per package.

Wild and Crazy Ticklers 1 & 3 PCs
The most popular condom of all with couples, this tickler will "tickle " her sensitive inner walls. Your guest will thank you later for dropping this party favor into her loot bag. [Not intended for prevention of pregnancy or disease - sold as a novelty only]


$4.40 Brown & Flesh
$4.60 Glow

$3.00 Flavor

3 pc $5.95
1 pc $2.20

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