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Boob Slippers - Pink Dicky Slippers Joy of Erotic Massage Bachelorette "Cyber" Photo Frame

Boob Slippers
Slide you feet into these fun shaped slippers and start you day with a warm fuzzy feeling. Unisex. One size fits most up to a men's size 12!.

Dicky Slippers
Are you getting cold feet? These flesh colored Dicky Slippers are sure to keep her feet warm while keeping everyone in stitches. One size fits most. No need to act like a dick... just wear this pair of them!.

Joy of Erotic Massage Video
This hot, new instructional video features explicit uncensored scenes of loving couples demonstrating basic and advanced techniques of erotic massage  Erotic massage is the touch of love. It arouses the senses ... stimulates a desire for intimacy ... relaxes inhibitions ... intensifies feelings ... and keeps you connected with your lover's erotic needs and desires. It's the gift you'll find as exciting to give -- as to receive. VHS format Only 60 minutes.

Bachelorette Cyber Photo Frame
This Bachelorette photo frame it's called a "Cyber " photo frame because this nifty little frame has a built-in mounting system to mount it on either side of a computer monitor. Also can be desk mounted. Makes a great gift item for everyone in the Bachelorette party.

Nina Hartley's Guide to Foreplay Bachelorette Photo Album (Leatherette) Hair eRazor Micro Trimmer Geisha's Secret kit

Nina Hartley's Guide to Private Dancing
Show your partner  your best moves! This sexy how-to tape (no experience or special skills required) is a feel-good guide to erotic dancing for your partner.   DVD ROM/video can play on your computer or TV. Highest quality viewing ever, No regional coding. 77 X-rated minutes.

Bachelorette Final Fling Photo Album (Leatherette)
This Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party Photo Album is a black leatherette album with gold imprint. It holds 24 fun 4 x 6' photos. Preserve the memories of that special evening in this quality photo album!

Hair eRazor Micro Trimmer
Encased in sexy black aluminum the Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer is designed to last and comes with titanium hardened blades, a long-lasting Japanese motor, cleaning brush, and a velvet carrying pouch. You also get a FREE double-sided trimmer comb, which allows you to trim close or leave hair a little longer. You can even pop open the cutter head so that you can clean and oil or replace the Titanium blades and keep them in optimum condition. You simply can't do this with the cheap plastic lookalikes that often cost much more.

Geisha's Secret Kit
This Geisha's Secret kit contains travel sizes of  Erotic Massage Oil Libido .35 fluid ounce, Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil Orgy of Grapes .35 fluid ounce, Exotic Aroma Bathing Gel .35 fluid ounce, Balm Sensations Blazing Cherry .125 fluid ounce, Sweet Snow Body Powder Raspberry Filling .125 ounce with Feather. The perfect kit to spicy up your wedding night. 


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The Love Candy by Kendra Kit. Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit Sex Therapy - Kit for Lovers Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Box - Chocolate

The Love Candy by Kendra Kit.
Check out the aphrodisiac-infused bath essence, body lotion - even an edible body drizzle! You'll love the scents and flavors like Goji berry, Mangosteen and pomegranate - all hand-picked by Kendra for the fantastic way they make you feel inside and out! Make your romance come alive! Includes: 1 Pack of Rose Petals, 1 Pack of Dice, 1oz Rendezvous Aphrodisiac Infused Room and Linen Freshener, 1oz Smitten Aphrodisiac Infused Invigorating Bath Essence, 1oz Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Sensual Massage Oil, 1oz Sweet Crush Aphrodisiac Infused Lickable Body Drizzle, 1oz Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Hydrating Body Lotion, and 1 Massager

Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit
These edible brief undies is a playful Bachelor gift -especially for his new Bride. Comes in different flavors and one size fits most.
Sex Therapy - Kit for Lovers
Don't bother calling the Doctor for this one! Everything you need to turn an ordinary night into a night of sexual healing is included in this romantic kit for lovers. From furry cuffs to naughty coupon books and everything in between, this kinky collection has your prescription for pleasure! Therapy has never been so much fun! Kit Includes: Furry Love Cuffs, Satin Rose Petals, Mini-Mite Massager & Heads, Lover's Coupon Book, Mega-Stretch Cockring, Satin Love Mask, Edible Body Paint, Flavored Warming Massage Lotion, 2 Hot Wax Candles.
Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Box - Chocolate
Open yourself to new possibilities of love when you show the true colors of your heart with the Kama Sutra Chocolate Sweet Heart Box. Enjoy the sweet delights of assorted sinfully rich chocolate body treats. Whatever your pleasure, your lover will be begging for more. It includes: 1.8 fl oz Chocolate Creme Brulee Body Souffle, 2.0 oz Dark Chocolate Body Paint with a supple body paintbrush, 2.0 oz Chocolate Caress Honey Dust with feather duster.

Rainbow Paradice
Naughty Imrov Adult Game
Erotic Passions Book
Rainbow Party Paradice Game
These rainbow dice make the  perfect Bachelorette Party Gift! Spark up your love life

Naughty Improv Adult Board Game
This gift can be given to either the Bachelor or Bachelorette and you can invite yourself over after the honeymoon to play. A hilarious party game strictly for adults. The aim of the game is to make up stories based on a series of funny and suggestive illustrations.

Climaxxx Board Game
The game for lovers that takes you and your partner through a dizzying array of sensuous thrills. Illustrated cards guide you through a series of sexy trials. But be careful!  The game includes: 1 board, 4 decks of cards, 1 die, 1 hourglass, 2 tokens.

Erotic Passions Book
A guide to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring and ancient sexual positions. For lovers who wish to be more erotic and longtime mates who wish to re-light the fires.  A great gift for the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Kama Sutra The Ancient Art of Making Love Paradice Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game "Bathtub Love Bathtub/Hot Tub Game for Lovers"

Kama Sutra The Ancient Art of Making Love Book
The most important version of the Kama Sutra ever produced. A year and a half in production, an editorial team took Vatsyayana's original work from the 6th century, translated by Englishman Sir Richard Burton more than 120 years ago, and has brought the Kama Sutra text into the new millennium. Detailed Erotic love making positions will bring new adventure to your love life.

Paradice Game
This pardice game die has a romantic position and the other die has a romantic location. Roll the dice and then do as it says. Makes a perfect Bachelorette Party Gift.

Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game
A bedtime game to explore and expand your fantasies. Game includes; 24 passion cards, 36 fantasy cards, 1 massager (1 AA battery not included), feather, Spanish fly liquid, body heat massage lotion, 1 arm restraint, 1 leg restraint, 1 candle, 5 dice, blindfold and edible body paint.

Bathtub Love Hot Tub Game for Lovers
Bathtub Love is an erotic foreplay game that allows lovers to explore the sensuality of sharing a nice warm tub. Each bubble is filled with four actions that vary from playful to naughty. . The game includes 10 bubbles, 40 waterproof game pieces, and 2 oz. of bubble bath.

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